I am Martin Armstrong-Prior, BSc (hons), HD, Acc. Hyp. Sup., FNCH, MAAETS, NRAH reg, SHFreg, CNHC reg 000289-L10 & PVG (Scotland) reg1205259103250376, Senior Clinician and I have practiced as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist since 1992, when I established Humberstone Counselling.

I started counselling at Leicester University in 1974, while reading for my degree in Psychology and Sociology, when I trained as a Person Centred Counsellor with Nightline, the student counselling service.

After graduating I used my counselling skills on an unofficial basis for a number of years. I became interested in other forms of therapy and took a diploma course in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. On completing that course I gained membership of the National Council of Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapy Register.

I continued to develop my skills base, learning new techniques through workshops and training courses.

My interest in Stress and Anxiety conditions, especially Trauma cases, arises from my career in the Police Service. Having seen many people loosing Confidence and Motivation through stressful and traumatic experiences, I have been drawn to specialise in this area.

I currently use a wide range of Hypnotherapy and allied techniques to help clients Resolve their conditions and Redevelop their Confidence and Motivation. Because every individual will require a unique package of treatment, their plans will offer variations in the technique and emphasis on different elements. So the approach I take is Client Centred, catering for the individual needs of each Client.

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