Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will I remember what happens?


Yes. Because we are aiming to involve the whole of your mind, both the Conscious and Sub-conscious parts, you will remain aware of what is happening so Conscious Memories will be formed.

Question: Will I stay in control of myself?


Yes. Because you remain aware you remain in control and if you meet anything you do not wish to deal with then you can break trace at any time you wish.

Question: How does hypnosis work?


We now believe that hypnosis is a function of how we process information in the mind. As we process all the information coming in through the senses we compare it to stored information, our memories, to make sense of it. Because we are constantly processing such a large amount of information our minds are selective and only focus on that area of information that is important to our immediate or survival need. This focus of attention provides us with the “Conscious Mind” effect. All the rest of the processing is the “Sub-conscious” area and includes all function that can be carried out without conscious decisions. “Trance State” occurs when the situation we are engaged in does not require our focused attention and so it can wander, e.g. when you have been listening to someone for several minute but not heard a word they have said – ‘your mind was elsewhere’.

Question: Are there any side effects from Hypnosis?


Yes, but only pleasant ones – calmness, a sense of relaxation, a feeling of being more in control, etc.

Question: Who Regulates Hypnotherapists?


At present there is no statutory body or regulations governing Complementary Medicine including Hypnotherapy, only Healthcare Professions. So, following the “Stone Report”, the Department of Health funded the formation of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) to create a federal structure for Voluntary Regulation of Complementary Medical disciplines. Currently there are 14 disciplines, including Hypnotherapy, registered by the CNHC.


This list can go on and on and everyone has their own needs and our main aim is to ensure that each individual’s needs are met!

If you still want to know more, just contact us to ask – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.