Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation – Chair!

As from the beginning of this year I have been asked to take over as the Chair of the Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation. I am happy to report that we are starting to look at improvements to our services that I hope will bring a big rise in the SHF profile. We are exploring the best way to provide our members quick access to the Scottish Disclosure PVG Register. This will support our members in offering their services to many more support groups and palliative care centres.
The links with other Hypnotherapy bodies throughout the UK are also being developed, so that we may improve CPD and supervision opportunities.
In all I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the Trustees through the coming year and beyond.

New Moves in Hypnotherapy!

I am starting to feel that the Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation has a great potential to change the position of Hypnotherapy in Healthcare within Scotland. A dialogue is starting with some of the Major bodies in UK Hypnotherapy that has a great chance of starting a fundamental shift in Mental Health Provision.
As I am now the Vice-Chair of the SHF I believe that we can be about the task of reuniting the two strands of Hypnotherapy that diverged in the 50’s – Dental & Medical and the so called Lay parts of Hypnotherapy. If the willingness to talk grows as it has started then I believe that Hypnotherapy itself can step back out of the Darkness and move forward to take its rightful place again.

MSc work underway.

Well at last the MSc course that I’ve started with Robert Gordon University is under way.

The first moduleĀ is on Evidence Based Practice. I know that there has been a great deal of emphasis on Randomised Controlled Trials, that many see as unsuitable for hypnotherapy research. But, happily, I have found that there is a whole spectrum of research formats that can be used in developing an Evidence Based Practice.

I took part in my second on-line tutorial last night. We discussed the topic of Ethics in research and how it has changed over the years.
I’m looking forward to bringing more the theory and practical strategies, being taught on the course, into my own practice.

Some of the techniques that have been around for a long time are being tested and new technology is helping to show quantifiable links, through scanning the brain while applying those techniques. I think that the saying “We live in interesting times” will be applicable to many camps in the world of Psychological Therapies!

Stoptober 2015

Is it that time of year again? So far this year I’ve been so busy with smoking cessation, every 3rd enquirey, that this means just a little extra push.

Stoptober 2014

Well it’s that time of year again and everyone is offering help. For those who are serious about giving up, for whatever reason, and have not found any of the options available over the counter or through the NHS effective, then Hypnotherapy is probable seen as a last resort.
This should not be happening. Hypnotherapy is often found to be quicker, more effective and longer lasting than most other options.

In the past the advice was; that because Hypnotherapy was notĀ regulated hypnotherapists were not to be trusted, as most were charlatans. But that is no longer true. There is regulation and it is approved by the Department of Health, who funded its development.

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council is now the Regulator for 15 Complementary Healthcare Practices. They are an effective body that ensures registrants adhere to Nationally agreed and approved standards.

So if you are looking for a Hypnotherapist or other Complementary Practitioner – look for their mark or check their register at .

Martin Armstrong-Prior, BSc., FNCH, CNHC reg.

New Clinic Available

We have now linked with the Physio Room in Annan and are now able to see clients at their premises – 40a High Street, Annan.
All our service will be available there and as usual the initial free assessments can be booked.

NCH “Extravaganza”

Once again the speakers that have been booked for this event are varied and of the highest quality.
Michael Yapko is always interesting and Oliver James work is fascinating and frequently introduces new direction to areas that can be quite stayed. I’ve not seen either David Hamilton, well not this one, and Michael Vincent is also new to me.
So again a mixture of well known and novel, plus the usual opportunity to meet up with old friends in a great venue.

Another Triumph for the CNHC

On Saturday 5th October John Lant, the CNHC Chair, announced that the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care has approved the CNHC as an Accredited Voluntary Register. This is the next big step in the development of regulation for complementary therapies.
Once again the CNHC demonstrates its credentials as the serious regulator for the Complementary Health Care sector and strengthens the call for full recognition by other Health Professionals. It certainly enhances the position of registrants as Professionals that may be trusted by the public and other Health Car Professionals.

Mindfulness Based Stress Relief now Available!

Having watched Dr Michael Mosely’s program and experienced the effects of a set of Mindfulness Exercises I have decided that it is well worth offering to clients. In a matter of just a few days I managed to improve my blood pressure readings and, like Michael, I am now sleeping better.

So now I have added this to my repertoire of procedures and am offering individualised programs of learning for clients.