Our Services

Stress Counselling

Including Individual and Corporate Packages that teach awareness of the Stress Syndrome, both mental and physiological elements, and the Management of Stress.


The use of hypnosis to enable the Client’s subconscious mind to effect change that resolves the condition that is being treated. This is done using various combinations of imagery, mental roll play and use of metaphor in a non confrontational manner.

IBS (Iritable Bowel Syndrome)

By using Hypnotherapy to resolve any under-lying condition before using Imagery to re-train the gut’s normal pattern of movement.

Help with Giving up Smoking

Here we use a mental role play, using embedded images, to enable a transition from being “someone who is giving up smoking” – to become “someone who has given up smoking”.


This is the use of Self-Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy techniques to aid and promote Natural Childbirth. See our Hypnobirthing page for more details

Hypnoband Weightloss

Breconbeds Hypnotherapy are registered as practitioners of the Hypnoband Weightloss System.

Many other conditions can be treated by us – just contact us to ask – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.