This term refers to the use of hypnotic techniques to enable the pregnant female and her birthing team manage the birth process in as natural a way as possible.

Self-hypnosis is taught to help the management of pain and the progress of the labour. The birth partner is encouraged to be involved, to support and assist the mother in the labour process.

The course of training varies as to the birth venue/procedure chosen but typically starts with a session to acclimatise the mother to trance induction, the teaching of self-hypnosis and an introduction to “Stress” and the mental/physical interactions involved. Subsequent sessions include the teaching of pain management techniques, the use of time perception management (helpful during labour to extend, mentally, the time between contractions) and deep relaxation techniques that help the body to stabilise its metabolic processes and minimise the hormonal surge during child birth.

Research has shown that the use of hypnosis in child birth can significantly reduce labour time, especially in the first pregnancy, and drastically reduce the amount of chemical analgesic used during child birth. Other research is also starting to show that the occurrence of Post Natal Depression can be significantly reduced in depth and duration with the use of these techniques.

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